Monday, September 29, 2014

Catching up

Wow!!  It has been over 3 years since our last entry. SOOO much has happened in that time.  Let's we if I can remember enough to recreate.

August - December 2011.
August - this was a very hard, sad month for me.  We lost my mom on the 12th.  She fell earlier in the summer and broke her hip.  She was recovering nicely but was having some issues breathing so back to the hospital.   We found out she had very advanced cancer.  It was hard but I am so thankful that she was only sick for 12 days.

September -  back in Wells Beech, ME at Weels Beech RV Resort.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011

Another month has passed so quickly. We seem to be constantly on the run but not accomplishing nearly as much as we had planned!!

I spent a long weekend in TX for Mom's 95th birthday. So much fun and she is doing amazingly well. Got to see my kids and grandkids. Sure do miss them while we are out and get to talk to them all the time tho.

Haven't really been able to do too much sightseeing this month because I used 4 of my days off to go to Texas. Tomorrow will be my first day off and here in the last 3 weeks. We are planning to go to Perkins Cove and maybe Boston again.

The weather has been another factor in our not getting much accomplished...103 degrees in Maine. I could stay in TX for that!!!! However, it does not last long and the nights cool off much more than at home. One of the problems here is AC. Very few places have central air (mostly window units). With so many people using power, we have lost electricity the last 2 days in the afternoon for several hours. Many people go off and leave pets in their RV's....thank goodness none of them perished.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

Wow, how time flies when you are having fun!! We have seen several light houses and historic forts. So hard to realize some of these buildings have been here for 400 years. A quick trip to Boston on the Amtrak was fun. We toured "Old Ironsides", did a harbor tour and a trolley tour. Definitely a do again adventure as there is way too much to see in one day.

We asked for a cooler summer BUT maybe not this cool!!! We have had several beautiful days lately but yesterday and today stink!! COLD (at least to us - low 60's) and rainy. Doesn't seem to affect the campers. Several hardy Canadians out in tents and pop-ups. Warmer and SUNSHINE predicted for tomorrow!!!

So nice that we have a heated pool as the ocean temp is 58 degrees...way too cold for me!! Both Mike and I have been putting the exercise room to good use....think it will do any good? Hope so!!

My mom is slowly getting better. She has CHF and has been in and out of the hospital several times since going home after rehab. The fall, broken hip and hip replacement surgery went well but the complications afterwards are the issue. She has just started being able to stay alone. Up until this past Wednesday, she has had someone with her 24/7 except for one night. Hopefully, she is past the crisis point. I am flying home for her 95th birthday. Something both of us are looking forward to.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5, 2011

AHHHHH...a day off!!!! We walked down to the beach and stopped for a bowl of clam chowder before returning home. It was a really nice day to be outside. It is a little cool or rather COLD by TX standards. Running the fireplace every night! Tomorrow we are going to go up to Brunswick.

Last day off we went to York to see the Nubble Lighthouse. It is the most photographed lighthouse. Very pretty!!! Last week I worked 6 days....not scheduled for that many hours but felt I needed the training before being left on my own this week. So far things have been slow but they will pick up. The kids don't get out of school until the 24th. The end of July and the first of August will be extremely busy.....Canada has a construction shutdown. Not sure exactly what that means but we have almost all 250 sites reserved!!!! Oh well, another day...another dollar!!

That's basically all we have done since we've been here. We got here late on the 18th, Mom broke her hip on the 2oth and had total hip replacement on the 21st, I flew home on the 24th and returned on thee 28th. On the good news side....Mom is home! She was in the hospital for six days and the rehab facility for 9 days. AMAZING for anyone but even more so for someone 94 years old.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

This has been a very trying 2 days. My 94 year old mom fell and broke her hip. Thank goodness she had moved to a retirement complex a month ago....I think God was watching over her. Things would have been so much worse had she fallen while still living alone in Brackettville. I will be flying back to Austin for a few days to help get things settled.

So far, so good here in ME. We've met with Elaine and Shirley concerning our jobs here....nice ladies that will be easy to work with. We went to dinner with
Fran and Don, the other workamper couple. Have had some really great sea lobster yet but great clam chowder. Now if we can get the weather to cooperate everything will be good!!!!

One funny (at least to us Central Texans) thing happened yesterday. My phone was giving me some problems so off we go to the Verizon store.....15/20 minutes New Hampshire.....WOW!!! Another state????

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

We have arrived!!!! It has been a loooooong cold, wet trip to Maine. But we are here and set up for the next 5 months.

I tried to update this blog during our travels but each time I tried, the website was down.

After a very hard pull into Branson, MO, we spent 3 great days with some of Mike's "old" peeps!!! He had a great time catching up on their lives. It is always nice to see old friends. Branson had a lot of flooding a couple of weeks ago. We were worried our favorite campground would be under water as it sits right on Turkey Creek but they had it all cleaned up and open.

Friday morning (5/13) we traveled to Johnston City, IL to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We crossed the swollen mighty Mississippi at Cairo, IL....miles and miles of river....thank goodness we were on a high road!! It is always so much fun visiting with them. They took us to dinner Friday night, Saturday we visited their house to see Annie (their new puppy) and they came to our house for dinner Saturday night. Jamie, Nedra's daughter, came to dinner with them. She is a very pretty, sweet lady.

Sunday we said our goodbyes and hit the road for our looong trip to Maine. We drove in cold, wet, windy conditions the entire trip. Sunday (5/15) night we stayed in OH, Monday (5/16) night we stayed in PA and last night (5/27) we stayed in NY. Okay...4 more states on our map!!

That brings us to today!!! Here's to a great summer!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

It is time to start our annual summer travels blog!!!! YEA....on the road again!!!!

First is our beautiful, amazing granddaughter's 11th birthday. Happy Birthday Casey!!!!

We spent a great 6 months at Inks Lake State Park. As always, being with good friends and close to family is so much fun!!! We have been trying figure out what we did all winter...where did the time go.....did we accomplish any of our goals???

We settled in at Inks the first of to Brackettville to pick up Mom....okay busy month.

December....Christmas (celebrations x3)....Brackettville trip!

January....quiet month....John's birthday party and Mom at our house for several days prior to her doctor visit.

February....Birthdays and more birthdays, Tim (2), Zach (6), Mandy (14), Ryan (16)....Valentine's Day and anniversary celebration in New Orleans...wonderful food!!!

March....Spring break trip to Orlando. Super fun with kids and grandkids at Universal Studios. Tim's friend, Aiden, and her boys were able to join us. Also, had another trip to Brackettville to pick up Mom for doctor visit. While she was up here we met with an attorney and visited a retirement community. She is going to move closer...YEA!!!!

April....annual doctor visits for both of us...everything is good. Moved Mom to Parkwood Meadows (a retirement apartment community) in Round Rock. This involved yet another trip to Brackettville....loaded up my little jeep to overflowing! She is settled for now. Also, moved over to Belton COE park...friends, Bill & Marilyn Theis, joined us for a week at Inks and a week at Belton. Guess Bill wants me to mention the fact that the guys beat us at Hand & Foot by the biggest score EVER but we did win a couple of games!!! Always enjoy camping with them!!!!!

That brings us to May On May 2nd, Mike had Synvisc injections in his knees....not the optimal result this time...his knees swelled and he had a hard time walking...spend most of the rest of the week just hanging out with my invalid. On the Friday (6th) took Mom to the doctor and shopping, went to Casey's softball game and brought her home with us! Saturday (7th) took Casey to the movies, out to lunch and to her softball practice. Sunday for Mother's Day, we all went to the Salt Lick for lunch. Thanks family!! Finished up some chores at Mom's new apartment and said our goodbyes for the summer. Monday (9th)morning we left for this years adventure....Maine. Spent the night at Cheyenne Casino RV parking i Tulsa, OK. Tuesday morning (10th) continued to Branson, MO to attend the Navy PT Reunion....and here we are!!!.....WOW guess we did do some things this winter!